Thursday, November 26, 2009

what would i want? sky

light leaks

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

words are green and words are weed

Several Disconnected Thoughts

I love Ann Arbor. I can't wait to live there.
These are songs I will put on a Fall playlist, or something:
Bounce feat. N.O.R.E. - MSTRKRFT
This is a good party song because it has an awesome beat. It's just really fun, whenever I listen to it I smile 'cause it makes me want to dance and be awkward.
Another Sunny Day - Belle & Sebastian
I like this song, I like Belle & Sebastian. I like that their music has a 60s-throwback feel to it. I also like that they're Scottish.
Lover's Spit - Broken Social Scene
This song has gross lyrics, to be honest, but I do like the piano. It's pretty if you don't pay attention to the words.
Lover's Carvings - Bibio
This song is pretty different than that other one even though they both have Lover in their title. This one has a very pretty and relaxing one-and-a-half minute long guitar intro. It's so beautiful!
Superstar - Sonic Youth
I guess I just like Sonic Youth and this song. I'm so predictable.

This is the car I want when I get my license:

Let me describe it to you. It's an evergreen 1998 Saab 900 convertible priced at five and a half thousand with pretty good mileage. It has a Guster bumper sticker on it. I saw it in real life and it is just as gorgeous. It's not as fancy as Sarah's (I love that awesome. I love Saabs) but the fact it's a convertible makes up for that. I think it's just the perfect car for me.

Someone just posted "ppl can go die fuck love I always get hurt I'm sooo through" as their Facebook status. Couldn't agree more, Jay Kennedy. Love stinks, yeah yeah. Just kidding, I don't know what love is. But I want to. And I want you to shoooooow me.